Another Month, Another Project

Posted: 10/19/2015 in Current Project, General News

LOZ Insignia

The speed at which these months are flying by is a little unnerving. Just looking at my last post and realizing that it was a month ago makes me wonder if I’m making the progress I really should be on my projects, but then again, since my time is no longer my own, I think I’m doing pretty damn well.

Anyway, that being said, there are a couple changes since the last post, the biggest that the SNESp that I was commissioned to build ended up falling through. Though I was a but saddened by this as I really wanted to see where this was going to go, it opened up the time for me to get back on some of these back-burner projects I’ve been wanting on, including the new(ish) project that is hinted to above, and finally getting back to my 2nd OUYAp that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years now. Well, I can’t say it’s been two years of steady work, more like maybe three months at the most, just lots and lots of down time.

But regardless, I’ve been having a lot more fun with my 3D printer now that I’ve got a system set up that works more than it fails, and my new CNC machine and software have been just about dialed in so that I can finally get back to were I left off months ago when my little machine crapped out (but that will be it’s own post later).

So hopefully in there near future there will be some progress updates and build logs to read about and certainly a few more videos to gaze at on You Tube when they finish up. In the mean time, hang tight as there will be some pretty cool projects to debut in the coming months!

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