2nd N64p Commission Project Work Log Started

Posted: 06/22/2015 in Current Project
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So with the absence of the MBB forums, my new build logs had to move to another location. I’ve been a member on the Mod Retro forums for quite a few years now but was never super active over there. However, I’d joined a group over there with some of the mods and admins and will be helping them build up an advanced modding section which will tackle subjects like CNC  milling, custom PCBs and 3D Printing.

To help that along, I stared up a build log over there today that showcases, or rather, touches upon examples of said techniques and I’ll be using this thread as a stepping stone for more detailed tutorials.

But that’s down the road as I have to concentrate on this commission, which I have to say is probably my finest work to date, not just with aesthetics, but also the way the system has been built and how solid it really feels. Very happy with this one on the second time around.

So anyway, here is the link! Hope you enjoy!

Mod Retro Build Log

  1. desperatenerdlife says:

    Given the sad state of the retro modding community nowadays, I’d suggest you to publish your worklogs to your personal website too. At least, that’s what I plan to do with my projects… When I’ll have time to do some 😦

    • Downing says:

      I agree but build logs are much better suited for a forum of sorts. Maybe I’ll start mine up again for the he’ll of it and see where it goes.

      • desperatenerdlife says:

        I’m not sure if I’ve already mentioned it before, but some of the old members of MBB have gathered around a new forum, http://bitfixgaming.boards.net/
        It’s (still) not a big community, but it’s definitely something!

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