Reorganizing and Sharing

Posted: 04/08/2015 in Uncategorized

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be making some changes to this site in both content and layout. Basically what I’d like to start doing is sharing some of my designs that I’ve worked on in the form of CAD and 3D printed design files. So, for example, when this N64 portable is completed, I’ll be adding the STL files and the CAD files to a zipped folder that can be downloaded if one wishes as well as maybe small guides of how to implement them into a project.

Eventually, as time allows, I’d like to start building a reference area as my projects progress so those who want to try their hand at a similar project will have a place to get the direction they need to get moving. Having a project showcase site is cool, but I feel it’s time that this place become a bit more useful and informative.

Again, this will be a long work in progress as I can get to it, but hopefully I’ll be able to make this site a bit more useful to those who give the time to visit.

But I’d like to thank you all who do make it a habit to visit on a regular basis and sorry I’m so far and few between posts, but real life is very taxing at the moment, limiting most of my free time to my hour lunch break at work and a few hours on the weekends.

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