New Workshop In Progess

Posted: 08/23/2014 in Uncategorized

Well, been a month now since my last post and life has been brutally busy. As many of you may know, I moved recently and man…four years of setting up a workshop seemed to take just as long to break down and move to a new place!

So what I’ve been up to lately is just trying to get back on my feet as far as my projects are concerned. This new house has a full sized basement which I’d say is now 90% set up and getting ready to go. My new Milling machine is finally starting to get some use and I’m in the process of building a new clamping table for it out of aluminum which is new to me. A new learning curve but it’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do for awhile now and this is a good starting point.

In the next few weeks I’ll have some pictures and video up of the new basement. I’m also getting a new computer of Wednesday as my old one didn’t survive the move too well (it used to be built into my desk but the desk didn’t make the trip). But, it was also going on 7 years old so time for an upgrade anyway.

With that said, I’ve got some pretty big plans in place, but they may very well just stay that way as I’ve got 6 weeks left until a new baby Downing makes his way into this world! This will be my first child and I’m very excited to meet him! So there will certainly be more updates coming soon enough!

  1. homelessmanatee says:

    congrats on the move and the soon to be baby boy, something tells me he could be the first toddler who can solder! :p
    look forward to seeing pics of the new setup!

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