Quiet On The Modding Front

Posted: 02/04/2014 in Uncategorized

The addition of a new full time job, combined with the sub-zero and snow filled winter have put a lot of my modding and ability to do projects of any kind to a screeching halt. I’ve had a lot of new You Tube activity though, many new subscribers and a lot of requests for case commissions.

Unfortunately I’m sorry to say that I simply don’t have the time for new projects and I’m behind in the ones I’m working on as it is. This is pretty much a “Catch Up” period where I need to get things at home back on track from the rather bumpy ride it’s been for the past year and half. I can’t say I’d do anything different but it came with a cost and now it’s time to pay it forward.

So if you don’t hear much from me for the next couple of months, rest assured that I am working on a couple projects but at a snails paces. I’ll be keeping at it though, no worries there, just need to get back on my feet in the real world.

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