Downing and Oculus?

Posted: 11/07/2013 in General News
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Oculus_Color_logoWe shall soon see! It’s now official that I will be hopping a plane to the Gold Coast a week from today to have an interview with the team at Oculus VR!

Now most people in the tech sector know full well what Oculus is and what it’s doing to change not just the face of video games, but change the way we interact in a virtual environment. I encourage you to click the logo above to get a glimpse of what this company is about and how they were founded. I never thought that my hacker/maker hobby would hold such professional potential, especially after a few failed attempts to give it a go on my own. But we’ll put a bit of perspective to this as well. As most of you who read this blog know, I held a meet-up back in April that brought 6 amazing modders to my little corner of Concord, NH. This in itself was awesome because of both the caliber of the modders invited and distance everyone traveled to attend. It meant a great deal to me to have them willing to make the trip and was all the more amazing when it actually played out the way it did!

Now, 3 of those 6 that came to the meet-up are now employed at Oculus, sooo yeah…that says something about the company I keep in terms of the hacker/maker circles I’m a part of. And that’s not an arrogant remark, it just states that maybe this hobby of mine has grown a bit more than I thought it was and suddenly I have a chance to be a part of the big league!

I don’t know where this will end up. I’m scared shitless to be all honest with you. I’ve never been to CA, never left NH, no idea if I’ll like the life style, no idea what kind of pressures it will bring having to be on both sides of the country for a time as well. But I do know that good opportunities are seldom given, great opportunities are seldom available and life changing opportunities are only earned. I hope I’ve earned this one.

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