Thank You SS and MBB!

Posted: 01/08/2013 in General News

This is just a quick thank you post to my bud Shock Slayer for his help which led  to (in a matter of three days) increasing my You Tube subscribers by nearly 50%! This only goes to show the power of the Internet and how the right people can make all the difference with a simple video.
However, though this was an excellent boost to one aspect of the overall experience that is the modding community, I still have to be greatly thankful for all the opportunities and helpful advice the Made-By-Bacteria forums have done for me over these past few years. So thank you to John for continuing to have me on as a mod and being a part of the most active and helpful modding communities on the net!

There are big things on the way, but it’s been a very slow process in getting anywhere with it, however the knowledge that I’ve gained by doing so and pushing myself to do better has been worth it in it’s own right. Big things are coming in 2013. When, I’m not sure, but they will be here soon enough! Thanks again to everyone who’s stuck by me while I’ve taken on these tasks!

  1. niles downing says:

    It’s been fun watching you grow,learn, and execute.

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