SolidWorks learning curve worth it!

Posted: 12/14/2012 in Current Project, General News

In the two days since I’ve sat down and forced myself to learn SolidWorks 2012, I’ve got to say that I’m exceptionally excited with how the results are progressing. I’m still in the infant learning stages when it comes to being proficient with this at all, but the example above shows just how nice this system works.

I’ve been concentrating on adding my components into SW and making sure everything is accurate and then once those are complete, I’ll work on how to use the Assembly feature in SW which actually allows you to assemble your project in a virtual environment using the components you designed individually. The above pic is a pretty close representation of a Game Cube D-pad. No perfect, but close enough to work as place fillers for the actual systems I’m working on.

Anyway, this was just a quick update as to how that’s going and I’m quite happy!

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