GeneBoy Progress Update 02-20

Posted: 02/20/2012 in Current Project, General News

Though I haven’t updated much here, there has been a lot of progress with the project. I’d say now that I’m over 50% complete as the case is finished and painted and now the mounting of the buttons and the wiring of the components is underway.

The screen and buttons were actually pretty easy and I’ve gained a new respect for super glue. Won’t get into that but it can be a pain in many ways.

I have a feeling though I’m going to have to rewire the cart slot as my batteries have had to move from their original location. This is fine though because the wire I used for it originally I’m not at all happy with. So a step back but it will mean at least two steps forward. Sorry for the short update but everything in detail can be found on the forums. Here is a pic though to show you where I’m at!

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