Computer Desk 11/13 Update

Posted: 11/13/2011 in Current Project, General News

Just made a small amount of progress today on the desk. Got my 4 120MM Blue and Green LED fans roughly mounted to the back panel of the desk.

I still have to put the directional ducts on the back as the two left fans blow air out and the two right ones blow the cool air in. However without directional duct vents, there’s nothing to stop the hot air from bouncing off the back wall and getting sucked back in by the right fans!

Simple up and down directional ducts will solve that, hot air pointing up, cold air in pointing down.

The pic below just shows the rough mount. I have to trim them in, paint then wood and I have 4 fan grill covers on order to give it a bit of style. Slowly getting there!

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