SMB/LOZ Project Progress 9/18

Posted: 09/18/2011 in Current Project, General News

So a few complications have shown their ugly head with this project. My worst fears that not being able to test the system as I went are starting to give me headaches. But worst case scenario is I get another FC Twin and just make that system into a portable with changeable carts. I can still make it a Mario/Zelda tribute with decals and such though I feel it won’t be quite the same.

In either case, I’ve got much work to do! Here is a pic of some of the work I did, tapping out a hole in an N64 heat sink for the 5V regulators to sit on. As always, check out MBB for more info.

On a side note, got some feed back from Hail today about the guide. Gonna clean up some errors which I knew were in there, but once that’s done we’ll be making a short You Tube video to promote it! We’ll see where this leads!

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