Guide Posted!

Posted: 09/05/2011 in General News

After a good 6 months or so, my side project of a case making guide is now in the Build Logs >Guides section of the site! This is perhaps the most comprehensive case making guide I’ve seen, based not only on the amount of detail, but more for it’s theoretical side as well as including step by step instruction.  Though I generally try to remain reserved about these things, I have a sense of pride with this one as it’s basically self-taught and produced by trial and error. Though I’ve only been at this for almost 2 years, the amount that I’ve learned and amount that I already knew and applied to the art has been amazing.

My eyes are open to a whole new light now, in which I can look at basic home items and realize that I can really do anything I want! The Internet and Time are two factors that have taken what once only a few could do and turned it into a whole new generation of Do-It-Yourselfers on a whole new level of complex projects. If someone told you 20 years ago that a 14 year old could put a Super Nintendo or PlayStation into a hand held unit, complete with batteries and screen, you would do a double-take and think the kid is certified genius! Maybe back then the technology wasn’t in place for that, but the principle and the ability of the 14 year old was and is in fact there. With just these two factors in place and readily available to anyone, who knows how complex and amazing things will get!

  1. The reason of course that a 14 year old can make portables, is because of awesome forums and guides that provide hand-holding step-by-step tutorials into how to do it. 😉

    • Downing says:

      Right, same thing as I was saying, by means of the Internet and Time. I was just trying to keep the subject a bit more broad in the sense that the Internet is a big place and though Forums and sites are condensed to this kind of material, they are not the only source out there. But they certainly help and are a big part of it!

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