Posted: 09/04/2011 in General News

I’ve made a lot of progress today in getting this site ready as well as the content. I just finished the layout, media and wording of an over 40 page (10,000+ word) guide on Portable Case Making! Not only is this epic in it’s own right, (as not only is the detail massive, but the theory behind it has not been seen before) but I also have the endorsement of one of the greatest case and portable makers in the world! He was also a contributor and the time and help he’s giving me is the opportunity of a life time when it comes to the hobby! Keeping it under wraps until I have the finished copy in place, but expect to see a 9 part guide in the Build Logs section of the site as well as a PDF download for the whole thing.

Man I’m excited! But no joke, I’ve spent over 10 hours today on getting this complete or at least to where I can start the fine editing and detailed work. Defiantly one of the better contributions I’ve made to the community…or will make I should say! Still think I’m gonna push the release date back a week, this guide took a lot longer than was anticipated, but it will be well worth it. September 12th is what I’m shooting for as a week from now is the 10th Anniversary of Sept.11 2001. I can’t believe it’s been a decade since that happened and the world changed forever. But we’re moving on and the asshole behind it won’t be around to celebrate the 10 year mark! Thank You Navy Seals!

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