Holy Freaking Water!

Posted: 08/28/2011 in General News

Well Irene turned out to be a Bitch, even though it wasn’t quite a hurricane when it came to wind speeds, but the rain it dropped was unbelievable! Over 8 inches of rain in my area and when we lost power, our basement began to take on lots and lots of water because the sum-pump was not functioning. For a good two hours we were bailing out our basement through windows and the bulkhead door.

Almost got to the point where I was gonna hotwire my shop-vac to my car battery and use that as a median, but power fortunately came back on pretty quickly for what we were expecting. Parts of my home town are still without power and have more water than they have ever seen. Scarey when you think about it…there is a lot more water than land out there! Hoping the worst is over now and trying to get back to normal tomorrow.

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