Lotta Work Done Today

Posted: 08/27/2011 in General News

Some in-depth showcase articles have been posted in the Project showcase section. I’ll be adding more, but they take quite awhile to write because I guess I just forgot how much really went into these and the effects they’ve had on the web and myself.

I would have gotten more done, but I was busy laying stair treads over the crappy granite steps that the previous home owners laid down with little to no regard as to how they were going to look. On top of that, our anal insurance company demanded we have a railing on these steps as well otherwise the wouldn’t cover us.

So in the interest of keeping our house insured, we complied but that kinda crap irritates me. Yeah they have a right because it comes out of their pocket if something happens, however, we are paying for this and it’s not like we’d hold the insurance company liable if there was in fact an accident. But the problem is is that more of this country’s justice system is run by insurance and liability. What a freaking joke…anyway, done ranting. It’s done, looks good and I only got hurt once doing it! Successful day!

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