New Case Commission for ShockSlayer

Posted: 03/01/2013 in General News
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So last month my buddy [SS] set me up with another case cutting job for another commission of his. This time a portable Wii Laptop, which would be made up of 2 [Poly Case] casings, the ZN45 for the base and the ZN40 for the screen. I finished these up early this week and he just received them today and was very pleased! Though I don’t take credit for the design as his friend [Beta] did all the CAD work, the cut job was still a lot of work, but was quite fun.

Now this would have been done a lot sooner had I not decided to tare apart my whole CNC control system and be down for two weeks because of one damn wire being in the wrong spot, but it is what it is and all is good for now!

So I look forward to see these projects of his put these casings to good use. They should be pretty cool any way so I will wait patiently and report on them when I see them!

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