SNEXbox Contoller

Posted: 02/11/2012 in General News

Hey Guys! This was a small mod I started a few weeks ago and just finished off this morning. It’s basically just a case mod as I took the guts from a SNES first party controller and put it into an XBox controller casing. Took about 10 hours or so to get it functional and as you can tell, no time was really put into making it look nice. I just wanted to see if I could get it working and I have!

The D-pad, ABXY, Start, Select, L and R are the only buttons that work really, but the next mod will allow for me to use the control sticks as both directional and ABXY additions.

Had to chop the SNES PCB down quite a bit but fortunately the the traces were quite easy to follow and the processing chip is in the open so soldering directly too it was quite easy. I’ll try and get more pics up but for know here is a short video of it in action.

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