New Header

Posted: 08/31/2011 in General News

I now have a new header logo that appears I cannot use on the site itself with this theme! Kind of a bummer, but this will replace my signature on the Forums and serve as the primary graphic for the site. I may actually make a smaller copy of this so I can place in the side bar and therefore it will at least be seen on a regular basis. I might do a few more revisions of the work, but this also serves as an example of my PhotoShop and design skills that are in the Other section on the main menu. Currently I don’t have anything posted there, but I’m working on updating my portfolio from school and will post that here as well.

Anyway, I hope to have this site live and start directing traffic to it by weeks end, maybe mid next week as this one has been pretty hectic with work and real life. Not rushing is the key though so I’m going to make sure I have a decent, clean and above all interesting site up waiting so when the first hits start to come, they might actually want to find out more!

  1. Header is nice. When you look at all the themes on WordPress, there aren’t many that offer what you want if you want things like top banner, etc, and some have different widgets that others don’t; although the good news is the themes are excellent, and so is WordPress itself.

  2. Downing says:

    I have to agree, just a small learning curve but one well worth learning!

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